MasterJosh the Ruthless AlphaKing

Master Josh Ortiz is a new American FootKing

„I am Latino thug 100% ALPHA STR8 n fucking PROUD of it

I’m 32 years old 5’9 190lbs size 11 I live in central California Fresno

to be exact. fags come to ME when they feel the need to hear the

truth n want to be placed where they really belong.

And all I have to do is be myself.

They will put themselves under my feet because they know that’s

the only place for them. fags submit when they find a real

SUPERIOR MAN because that’s their true nature.“

skype= your_master_josh

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German MuscleGod Jaden is back

The German cam approved MuscleMaster GodOfAbs is back with new photos, showing his muscles, new red sneakers and size EU 46 barefeet.

If you ready to serve him on cam or realtime in Germany have your wallet ready.

Skype= godofabs

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Master Dominus March 2017

The great Latino Master Dominus is back with new photos

showing his boots and sweaty barefeet

and a video where he beat a slave up, 7 minutes running time,

gutpunching and wrestling

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Full video 7 minutes

Master Caramel now in London

Your Top 1 FootKing and MuscleStud MasterCaramel will be in London, UK

21.March to 24.March 2017

Ready for a realtime meeting contact him:

skype= geogio50


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Der Deutsche Proll March 2017

Der Deutsche ProllMeister ist zurück mit 30 neuen Fotos und neuen AirMax2017,

live in Portugal 24 März bis 2.April 2017.

The German #prollmaster is back with 30 exclusive photos barefeet and with his new #nikeairmax

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