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Easter Special – win free access to website

Easter Special

We hide 12 eastereggs over all our groups and websites, find them all, put them in right order and give me the solution word and win 3 month free access to my website , you can give me the right word on yahoo: kingtim20yo skype: footkings or mail to , good luck and Happy Easter!

Wir haben 12 Ostereier versteckt, finde sie, ordne sie in der richtigen Reihenfolge und gewinne mit dem Lösungswort 3 Monaten freien Zugang zu

Lösungswort über yahoo messenger: kingtim20yo skype: footkings oder via mail an webmaster@feetpower schicken und Zugangsdaten kommen.


The TOP 60 Footkings Spring 2015

The Top 60 of FootKings Spring 2015

Thanx for 1697 votes of you and the loyal jury,

we have a new Top 60 of cam approved FootMasters.

Top 1: Master Caramel, European Muscle Stud, size 11, dangerous Master with size 11 feet that made real slaves weakless before.

Top 2: Der Deutsche ProllMaster, with his stinky feet he made over 2000 Euro in one month, most active realmaster in Germany and Spain

Top 3: Legendary Master Alex, over 7 years making slaves weak in Europe, now he is in London.

Top 4: KrisHawk American Skater with best slave videos, watch them all 359 minutes running time

Top 5: Master Dominus the fighter and slavekiller, as well long time on my site and new exclusive stuff in April 2015

And many others, that could be in Top 5 next time as well, thats your site and poll so keep on voting and check out the full Top 60 and 4 new FootKings here

and I know have slaves that count the votes as well and normally „Master“ Jaxx should be number 3 but he refused to prove on cam that he is real, so D rating, maybe new Master Absoulte Perfection that is cam apprroved replce him, or whatever you think post.


New MuscleStud from LA

Slaves and fans asked me, who is that incredibale new MuscleStud from LA, its King Jakub, Absolute Perfection with muscles, hot dress shoes and size 12 feet, added 25 pics and 5 minutes HD video in suits showing his black socks and bare feet, enjoy as always on contact infos there as well


The Top 60 of Footkings

Thanx for being loyal and watch the stuff I do, now is your turn, need your help, please vote for your fav FootKing on my recent FootMaster Competion and tell your friends to vote as well, wanna bring you in April 2015 the best Top 60 ever, may the best win to help you voting a small promo video, please vote on

(on my websites videos in better quality so)