Australian Master Daniel

First Master from Australia is Daniel with size 13 feet, a straight 20yo cam approved Master, check him out on

Height: 180 cm
Weight:110 kgs
Shoe size:13
Country: Australia
I do kik, skype and real time sessions.


SirKraze the American FootGod

American Master SirKraze, cam approved straight Footking with huge feet and hot cars, a rich Master that enjoys to see slaves to crawl and worship his hot body and feet, new photos on and his sirkraze1


ProllMaster September 2015

Der Deutsche ProllMaster, born July 1988 in Hamburg, Germany, born as a FootMaster to make slaves crawl and make them kiss his huge feet, born to ruel the fags and inferiors, you will lick his boots and nike shox clean and beg for, mercy when he step on your worthless body, aber keine gnade, the sounds of cracking bones, he spit in your face and you beg for more, ihr drecksviecher, ja dich insbesondere meine ich berliner spaghetti fresser, dich trett ich platt, du hässlicher vogel, kriecht ihr penner, es gibt nur ein Deutschen ProllMaster, oder steht ihr neuerdings auf Zigeuner?

Skype = Stylzhood1988