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50 unanswered questions about footslavery

50 Questions about Footslavery

Ich lasse mir den Mund nicht verbieten!!!

  1. Why you chat endless and then never obey?

  2. Why you never vote on my poll?

  3. Why are there so many Masters from Michigian?

  4. Why are there so many „Kings“ from Romania?

  5. Why other websites blocked me?

  6. Why Yahoo Groups dead ?

  7. Why you sniff feet ?

  8. Why you like Masters that call you a fag?

  9. Why you sniff poppers before you serve a Master?

  10. Why you want always new Masters and not respect the legendary FootKings?

  11. What happend to MajestyAmar?

  12. Why a Master shows feet on skype for cash?

  13. Why I still run my websites?

  14. Why the webmaster of other website hacked my accounts?

  15. Why Kris eats his own shit?

  16. Why you want to drink my piss ?

  17. Why Marian block my accounts?

  18. Why you find a Master in SS uniform attractive?

  19. Why I paid the wrong Masters?

  20. Why we not kill all terrorists fast?

  21. Why human rights means nothing online ?

  22. Why most Masters getting fat so fast ?

  23. Why a slave in superman costum always just post shit?

  24. Why nobody here has an IQ over 80?

  25. Why some Masters say they earn 100000 $ a year and still online every minute, like Jonas?

  26. Why you talk bad about a website that is 15 years online?

  27. Who the fuck is Tim?

  28. Is after Paris the time of Arabian Masters over ?

  29. Why somebody said there is no payout for Masters?

  30. Why slaves want all for free?

  31. When democracy comes to www?

  32. Where is my gypsy Master tonite?

  33. What happens to Freedom of speech?

  34. Why Ì never get a thank you for running a good website?

  35. You here by fire or just for the cash or the free stuff ?

  36. Why you never post the names of the jury that votes for the Masters?

  37. Why a Master from my website makes it happens that I am blocked on dominats?

  38. Why you never promote my website, would give you free stuff ?

  39. How you make cash Tim?

  40. Why all Masters sit on a football?

  41. Who are your fav Masters Tim?

  42. When we will see new photos of yourself Tim ?

  43. Why since second world war, we must go to war again?

  44. Where is your text message my friend?

  45. Why you disappoint me ?

  46. Who are your friends Tim?

  47. How many friends you have?

  48. Why you never fight back?

  49. Why you not chill and not care about others?

  50. Love should be the mean reason to be here!!! Liebe ist meine Rebellion.

  51. Why you read all the shit I post ?

  52. Good or bad news, depends on your point of view, will run my websites still and more good stuff to come, thanx to all loyal slaves and my friends!!!

  53.  Nicht Nichts ohne Dich aber viel weniger für mich


webmaster of

Answers to questions welcome and will be post as well, mail or post in my yahoo group your answer

German Music Henning May “Nicht nichts”

Master Caramel November 2015 update

The Winner of The FootKings Poll MasterCaramel is back with 30 brandnew photos and a new HD video, this cam approved Master was just in Switzerland and Paris to humilate slaves real time and next in your town, your face at his feet, check out the new stuff now on contact infos you find there as well


Deutscher Muskel Master Jaden

German MuscleStud and CashMaster Jaden is back with some new photos, cam approved, check him out on

Ein neuer Deutscher MuskelMaster, gute cam shows, skype, mehr infos auf meiner website.



FootKingsPoll Results November 2015

FootKingsPoll November 2015

Thanx for 2070 votes and the Jury votes. We got a new Top 70 of camapproved FootKings.

  1. MasterCaramel with 215,1 points

  2. ProllMaster with 172 points

  3. Dominus with 169,5 points

  4. KingAlex with 168 points

  5. BossStero with 167,5 points

Check the full Top 70 now and please vote again.

Yours Tim