New Hypnotic Cash and FootMaster

A new American Straight CashMaster is Cash Master Hypnotic

I am Supreme. I am the Man even most Women find unattainable, Let alone ANY man -Especially not a pathetic little Cash FAG like yourself. I bet your little dick is hard right now just Feeling my Dominant energy through this text. I am a Real Man serving a Higher Purpose with a Mission for Greatness. Serve me, Loser. Spread your sick Wallet Cunt open and Allow my throbbing Hypnotic Cock to Rape your bank account. I am putting your money to good use -Doing things you could only dream of..

I get off on. OWNING. You.

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Brainwashing you. step by step. induction by induction. into pure slavery. total complete ownership.

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German MuscleGod Jaden

The German MuscleGod Jaden is back with his first 4 minute video, like a giant he shows his size 11 feet, 4 minutes running time, as always on

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