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The Top 10 of FootKings March 2016

The Top 10 FootKings March 2016

Thanx for 2917 votes and the Jury votes, here is your new Top 10 of FootMasters:

Top 1: Master Caramel with 378,4 points

Top 2: Brazilian King Hugo with 243,9 points

Top 3: Arabian Sultan with 242,8 points

Top 4: SoleGod from UK with 236,4 points

Top 5: German ProllMaster with 234,4 points

Top 6: Boss Stero with with 233,4 points

Top 7: King Alex with 222,9 points

Top 8: Morpheus from Michigian with 206,2 points

Top 9: Pdiddy the Scottish Master with 201 points

Top 10: Dominus with 189,9 points

Please vote now again here

and check the full TOP 80 of cam approved FootMasters,

forget the rest serve the best.


London King Alex February 2016

The legendary Master Alex is now in London to humiliate footslaves realtime and new photos and video on and not forget to vote for him here as well 2981 photos and 92 videos online


German ProllMaster February 2016

The German ProllMaster with 30 smoking pix, showing his nike shox, ready to lick them clean realteam contat him now, new stuff and not forget to vote for him here as well


German Master Max February 2016

The straight German Master Max is back with 20 photos and new HD video, now over 900 photos on this Master is on my website since 2004 and he is now on skype as well = master.max_99

while other so called feetsites/mastersites do conference about whom they will banned/block next, I make the updates and always a mix of new and legendary masters and you can vote for your favs here

Der NordDeutsche MasterMax macht euch alle platt, neue fotos und jetzt gleich auf skype anbeten!!! = master.max_99

Thanx to all loyal slaves and my master friends

Yours Tim


Who will win the March 2016 FootKingsPoll?

Wahlprognose/election predictions

for March 2016 FootKingsPoll

  1. MasterCaramel 300-400 points
  2. Sultan 250-350 points
  3. BossStero 220-300 points
  4. SoleGod 200-280 points
  5. ProllMaster 200-280 points
  6. Hugo 200-270 points
  7. Morpheus 190-260 points
  8. Pdiddy 190-260 points
  9. Dominus 180-250 points
  10. KingAlex 150-200 points
  11. AlphaCorey 0-200 points
  12. BlueBoss 135-180 points
  13. Kyle 135-180 points
  14. Max 125-160 points
  15. UKSmoker 100-150 points

Vote now on your own, so the best FootKings will win!!!

If you guess the correct order of the TOP 10 and e-mail me before the poll ends you can win free membership to my website for one month.

You can post your guess as well here


Scottish Master PDiddy and Australian Master Daniel update

The Australian Master Daniel is back with new photos on


The Scottish FootballPlayer and CashMaster Pdiddy with new photos in dress shoes and bare feet, live on skypecam now and new photos on