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New Californian MusleStud

New Californian MuscleStud is Master Tyler Durden

27 yo, 6’1″, 190lbs, shoe size 11-12 depends on brand

skype= tylerdurden1380

if you like this Master vote for him


mastertyler1 mastertyler2



(YouGov poll)
18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain

The old farts ruin the European Union!!!

But the youth not helped as well

Most Twitter posts about Brexit by age

18-24: 15 %

25-49: 51 %

50-64:  30 %

65+: 4 %


J.K. Rowlin (Harry Potter): Scotland will seek independence now. Cameron’s legacy will be breaking up two unions. Neither needed to happen.

England is better then a Brexit, Come together right now, German singer Henning May with a Beatles Cover


Don`t tell me that it`s over

Always look on the bright side – goodbye england, welcome Scotland to Europe

Scotland be different leave UK come to Europe

The Idea was no borderlines, damn fucking brexit

We all fall down Midge Ure Scottish singer


Der Deutsche Prollmeister live from Spain

Der Deutsche ProllMaster is back with exclusive photos of his Trip to Spain, a slave paid him this vacations to Gran Canaria after the ProllMaster trampled him flat, the new photos you can see only on

(now 1335 photos and 19 videos of this Master online)


Dominus and friends June 2016

The Mexican Fighter and FootKing Dominus is back with 30 photos solo and with friends (now 550 pix and 23 videos even with his slaves online), he do good skype shows and real time slavery as well, check out his stuff on