(YouGov poll)
18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain

The old farts ruin the European Union!!!

But the youth not helped as well

Most Twitter posts about Brexit by age

18-24: 15 %

25-49: 51 %

50-64:  30 %

65+: 4 %


J.K. Rowlin (Harry Potter): Scotland will seek independence now. Cameron’s legacy will be breaking up two unions. Neither needed to happen.

England is better then a Brexit, Come together right now, German singer Henning May with a Beatles Cover


Don`t tell me that it`s over

Always look on the bright side – goodbye england, welcome Scotland to Europe

Scotland be different leave UK come to Europe

The Idea was no borderlines, damn fucking brexit

We all fall down Midge Ure Scottish singer