Monthly Archives: March 2018

Master Shao Spring 2018

The Top 10 #footking Alphamale #SirShao

is back with 25 new photos and an exclusive video

now 740 photos and 23 videos = 60 minutes online.

MasterShao is now in London for realtime slaves

cam approved skypemaster= shao.sorin

check him out on

Find the Easter Eggs

The #easterspecial, I hide 7 easter eggs
Each egg has a letter on it
bring them in right order,
give me on skype =footkings the right solution word
you get 1 month free acccess to my websites
Hab gerade mal 7 Ostereier versteckt,
finde alle, bring die Buchstaben in eine richtige Reihenfolge,
1 Monat freier Zugang zu meinen websites
Hilfe/Help Trump like the site
think like Donald Trump you will find first egg

MasterDamon the MuscleStud

The 27 yo #germanmaster and bodybuilder

MasterDamon is back with new stuff

and on skype right now.

An alpha has to look like this.

Perfection turns you into an alpha.

And an alpha is a master.

Your master. Serve and be loyal.


Vote for him here