Master Dante

MasterDante is a new 25 yo straight

cashmaster and footking

skype= makeubeg

Vote for him on #footkingspoll


I am a 25 yo straight cash Master looking for betas and slaves
to join my slaves stable. Although I’m a reasonable Master,
I can be demanding at times and its your job to obey me and
do as I say when I say it. I enjoy online domination with weak subs,
but I really like real time slaves. I specialize in dog training,
humiliation, domination, trampling, and other fetishes.
Contact me now on skype (MakeUBeg )
and explain how you can be useful to me,
and if you’re a good slave then I will also dominate you in real life.
To be my ultimate slave,
I would like for you to relocate for me and live as my 24/7 slave.

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