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New video of Master Absolut June 2015

Slaves keep on asking me, who is this incredible new MucsleStud Master Absolut, he is a famous model from Czech Republic, now living in LA, USA, he has huge sweaty feet and by request just uploaded a 7 minutes HD video of him wearing blue jeans, his expensive prada shoes and he showing his barefeet while he relax, with voice, as always on http://www.mastertim.de you can find his contact infos there as well and much more stuff

New MuscleStud from LA

Slaves and fans asked me, who is that incredibale new MuscleStud from LA, its King Jakub, Absolute Perfection with muscles, hot dress shoes and size 12 feet, added 25 pics and 5 minutes HD video in suits showing his black socks and bare feet, enjoy as always on http://www.mastertim.de contact infos there as well