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Votes from Berlin

Here the votes from Berlin,

thanx for your votes

top5 #kingalex

top4 #masterfabien

top3 #masterghal

top 2 #godjaden

top1 #mastereboney

(sorry for the audio problem)

vote for your fav #footmaster as well



Current Jury Top #footkings

1. Jaden 68 points

2. ProllMaster 66 points

3. Dominus 56 points

4. Pdiddy 54 points

5. Stero 50 points

6. SirShao 44 points

7. MasterCaramel+MasterGhal 34 points

8. Howard 32 points

9. KingHampton+Fabien+KingAlex 28 points

10. Alpha777 with 26 points

Happy St.Georg day mastercaramel

Happy St.Georg name day to the great #musclestud
the famous #mastercaramel
with size 11 male feet and real time slaves,
this Top Footking will be soon London,Paris, Dubai,
Germany and Hongkong,
1215 photos HD quality
40 Videos = 135 minutes running time + contact infos on
and not forgett to vote for him on #footkingspoll

Master Caramel March 2018

The musclestud MasterCaramel is back
from his trips to Hongkong and Dubai,
now he is in mood to go skiing in mountains,
new photos and a video how he wears his new skiboots,
paid by a slave online,
1080 photos and 40 videos with 112 minute running time,
after you watched you brainwashed
do that now on