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Master Caramel summer picknic

Here I am in the Park relaxing with my size 11 feet more on


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The TOP 60 Footkings Spring 2015

The Top 60 of FootKings Spring 2015

Thanx for 1697 votes of you and the loyal jury,

we have a new Top 60 of cam approved FootMasters.

Top 1: Master Caramel, European Muscle Stud, size 11, dangerous Master with size 11 feet that made real slaves weakless before.

Top 2: Der Deutsche ProllMaster, with his stinky feet he made over 2000 Euro in one month, most active realmaster in Germany and Spain

Top 3: Legendary Master Alex, over 7 years making slaves weak in Europe, now he is in London.

Top 4: KrisHawk American Skater with best slave videos, watch them all 359 minutes running time

Top 5: Master Dominus the fighter and slavekiller, as well long time on my site and new exclusive stuff in April 2015

And many others, that could be in Top 5 next time as well, thats your site and poll so keep on voting and check out the full Top 60 and 4 new FootKings here http://www.footkingspoll.de

and I know have slaves that count the votes as well and normally „Master“ Jaxx should be number 3 but he refused to prove on cam that he is real, so D rating, maybe new Master Absoulte Perfection that is cam apprroved replce him, or whatever you think post.