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Master Jordi Summer 2017

The Spanish FootKing #masterjordi

is back with Summer update 2017

25 fresh photos and 2 videos showing

flip flops and his size 10 barefeet,

all photos and videos face and feet.

Now 167 pix and 11 videos = 48 minutes on my website


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Master Jordi new slave video

The Spanisch CamStud and FootKing MasterJordi is back with a brandnew slave video (running time 9 minutes) now 132 photos and 7 videos (37 minutes) of this young AlphaMaster online on


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Master Jordi first slave video

The young Spanish Master Jordi with first slave at feet video

9 minutes running time and 35 new photos,

check out this realtime and cam approved Footking on




Jordi May 2016

The Spanish Master Jordi from Barcelona is back with a new video showing his dirty white, sweaty socks and armpits and barefeet, the video is 4 minutes long, more videos as well online on


and 67 photos, enjoy, his contact infos there as well


Spanish Master Jordi March 2016

The young Spanish Master Jordi is back with new videos and two videos, this cam approved Mster do good skype cam shows as well, check out the new stuff and contact infos on



Spanish Master Jordi 2016

Proudly present you the Spanish Master Jordi from Barcelona new stuff on http://www.mastertim.de contact infos as well if you like him not forget to vote for him here as well http://www.footkingspoll.de/top50.html