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The Top 60 of Footkings

Thanx for being loyal and watch the stuff I do, now is your turn, need your help, please vote for your fav FootKing on my recent FootMaster Competion and tell your friends to vote as well, wanna bring you in April 2015 the best Top 60 ever, may the best win to help you voting a small promo video, please vote on http://www.footkingspoll.de

(on my websites videos in better quality so)


Finnish FootPrince Ken

A new Finnish FootKing is 23 yo FootPrinceKen with size 12 feet, 30 pics you can find on http://www.mastertim.de and his skype.id = kmj19911 vote for this Prince on http://www.footkingspoll.de as well and tell us what you think about his ToeShoes