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Happy Bday Majesty Amar

The Legendary Majesty Amar celebrate his Birthday

, happy birthday to this great footmaster,

over 15 years humiliating slaves with his feet, special bday photos on my website,

his amazon wishlist,skypeid and niteflirt as well

now 1845 and 11 vids even with his slaves online on


MajestyAmar first photos April 2017

The legendary IndianMaster from New York City #majestyamar aka #princeamar is finally back.

He is on my websites over 12 years now

and he still enjoys to humiliate slaves, even if he now make with his regulary job more then 4000$, but you losers will pay him still more and lick his royal feet clean. In his own words:

„Slaves, it’s your one and only Majesty Amar. Took a break from the scene to focus on my career and life. Due to high demand from my loyal slaves throughout the years, I’m back to give you peasants a purpose in life. I used to be Prince Amar, but now I have turned into a King.

Your King has returned to regain his position at the throne. Below is my contact information so get in touch with me and shower me with gifts and tribute as I deserve.“

The brandnew photos April 2017 online now and the older stuff = 1820 photos and 11 videos even with slaves at his feet, and his new skype.id as always only on:


Majesty Amar in Europe 2017

The legendary Indian FootKing #majestyamar maybe will be in Summer 2017 again in Europe.

It`s your turn now to make that happen:

1. Vote fore him here http://www.footkingspoll.de/top40.html

2. Tell others that he is ready for a comeback

3. Check out over 1000 photos and 10 videos here


4. Reply to this message and like it

And more to come, what happens next is as always up to you

New contact infos on my website + amazon wishlist update