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Wahlprognose/election predictions

Wahlprognose/election predictions

for October 2016 FootKingsPoll

  1. MasterCaramel 345 points
  2. CaliSize15Master 270 points
  3. KingAlex 260 points
  4. MasterStero 245 points
  5. ProllMaster 240 points
  6. Jordi 235 points
  7. BlueBoss 205 points
  8. Dominus 200 points
  9. Morpheus 195 points
  10. MasterAbsolut 190 points
  11. SirShao 185 points
  12. SkaterKyle 180 points
  13. Pdiddy 175 points
  14. Sultan 160 points
  15. Tako 150 points

Vote now on your own, so the best FootKings will win!!!


If you guess the correct order of the TOP 10 and e-mail me before the poll ends (1.October 2016) you get free membership to my website http://www.mastertim.de

for one month.

E-mail your guess to


If you a slave and record a video or audio file with your Top FootKings every Master that you mention in your video will get 10 extra points.

If you a Master send new stuff brings better rating.

Take care vote now, not even here vote against Donald Trump in November 2016 as well.

Yours Tim


The Top 60 of Footkings

Thanx for being loyal and watch the stuff I do, now is your turn, need your help, please vote for your fav FootKing on my recent FootMaster Competion and tell your friends to vote as well, wanna bring you in April 2015 the best Top 60 ever, may the best win to help you voting a small promo video, please vote on http://www.footkingspoll.de

(on my websites videos in better quality so)