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New Master is LeatherGod

A new MuscleStud and realtime Master with good webcam shows is LeatherGod.

115 kg pure muscles, size 10 feet and his first photos now on


If you like this new Master not forget to vote for him on #footkingspoll



UK Master Sole another update

The British MuscleStud and CamMaster with huge feet and hot dress shoes just added more exlusive photos to my website, his contact infos online as well , MasterSole the new #Masterhellahot, now 175 photos on


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Top 11-85 FootMasters February 2017

Hi slaves and footfans, here we go again:

We have a new Top 11-85 of your fav FootMasters

thanx a lot for your votes, you can vote now again


The results of Top 10 will be post as well here soon!!!


Master Hercules is a new MuscleMaster

A new American MuscleStud is Master Hercules,

a cam approved Master.

His Introduction in his own words:

Bad ass and full-time wallet rapist! Got a girlfriend so don’t get any ideas ! Fucking HOMO !

Age 30, 6’1″, a very muscular 215 lbs, cuz I’m all about the GAINS! BEAST MODE!

Size 11 shoe with wide and thick feet that my girlfriend thinks STINK!

BIG strong thick hands! Perfect to punch, slap, choke, and control fags who don’t obey Me totally!

Many years of Kick boxing, so I know how to use my hands and feet and to make you truly suffer.

I will fucking be using you idiot losers as punching bags and doormats, while I take your cash. I’m laughing at you pieces of shit.

AMAZON WISHLIST : http://amzn.com/w/30LRNA2R61LS1


PAYPAL : godhercules1@gmail.com

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hercules02 hercules03 hercules04 hercules05 herkules01

FrenchMaster update February 2017

The aggressive #footmaster and skypemaster The FrenchMaster, a real macho with very sweaty and smelly feet and socks, this cam approved Master do webcamshows and realtime meetings.

45 photos and his contact infos you can find here:



Master Dominus February 2017

Master Dominus, the legendary Footking is back with new stuff on my website


now 645 photos online and 23 videos even with slaves = 63 minutes running time and if you like this #alphamaster you can vote for him here



Top 11-20 FootKIngs Christmas 2016

Top 11-21 of the FootKingsPoll Christmas 2016

Who is your fav FootMaster?

#blueboss the German TeenMaster

#Mastergod11 the American Teenmaster?

#masterpdiddy the ScottishMaster speaks english,italian and french?

The #latinomaster with hot #malefeet MasterHugo?

Or maybe #danishmaster a #musclestud

Or maybe another FootMaster you like the most?

Please vote for your fav #footking here