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Last Jury Votes just arrived

Last votes from Jury arrives,

we almost have a new Top 80

Thanx to Bukarest for the Romanian votes

1. KingAlex

2. ProllMaster

3. MasterTako

4. AsmodianPrince


vote as well, thanx






Top 5 Jury votes from Italy

Here are the votes for the best #footmaster #footdom
with hottest #malefeet from Italy, thanx to the ItalianJury
for the votes on #footkingspoll
1. #MasterTako
2. #Alpha777
3. #NorthernAlpha
4. #AlphaDrainer
5. #MasterGhal
Who is your fav #footking ?
Vote here http://www.footkingspoll.de/top10.html
or contact me on skype=footkings
and tell me the TOP 5 for your country.

Master Tako feat. Master Ike

The legendary #mastertako is finally back

showing his huge feet together with #masterike

check them out on my website slaves

cam approved #alphamales

skype = master.tako

sykpe Master Ike = baldeagles1673