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Votes from Hamburg

Here the votes from Hamburg

vote for your fav #footmaster as well


Current Jury Top #footkings

1. GodJaden 58 points

2. Prollmaster 56 points

3. Pdiddy 50 points

4. SirShao 44 points

5. MasterStero 42 points

6. Dominus 40 points

7. MasterCaramel 34 points

8. KingHampton/Howard 28 points

9. Alpha777/MasterGhal 26 points

10. KingAlex 24 points

Top 31-85 FootKings Feruary 2018

Hi fans and footslaves,
just updated the Top 31-85 of famous cam approved
footmasters and  #skypemasters
Who is your fav Canadian Master Henderdong,
American Master Stevie?
MasterLion from Estonia
or legendary #masterdrc from UK?
Or a German musclestud like Damon and JackAdam ?
Please vote now again, may the best #footdom win