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Top 10 FootKings Summer 2018 online

Thanx FootKings and Footslaves,

5000 votes and the amazing Jury Videos

from all over the world

thanx so much for your support

that was really fun, we got a new TOP 10

1. #kinghampton 392 points

2. #mastercaramel 366 points

3. #godjaden 364 points

4. #masterstero 357 points

5. #alpha777 with 356 points

6. #sirshao 344 points

7. #prollmaster 339 points

8. #pdiddy 325 points

9. #masterdominus 305 points

10. #masterfabien 305 points

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Votes from Cuba

Thanx for the votes from Cuba for best #footmasters on #footkingspoll

Who has the hottest #malefeet ? Who is the best #findom ? Best #musclestud

#masterdominus #godjaden #cubankingalpha ?

Vote on your own as well


Current results from Jury

1. God Jaden 44 points

2. ProllMaster 38 points

3. SirShao 32 points

4. Howard 28 points

5. Caramel + MasterStero 26 points

6. KingHampton, Alpha777, KingAlex 20 points

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Master Stero in Germany

The Top 5 on #footkingspoll
The great #masterstero was just in Dortmund, Germany
to cash rape his slave, his huge sweaty feet in slaves face
and he trampled the worm flat till he gave him all his money
new photos of this #alphamale and video with the slave
online, you can find 1290 photos and  50 videos = 65 minutes
 on http://www.mastertim.de