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SirShao Haloween 2018

The legendary FootKing the footmaster #Sirshao
is back with new photos of his muscles and malefeet
now 810 photos and 23 videos (60mins) online
Shao.Sorin is ready to meet real time slaves
in London and all over Europe
check him out on http://www.mastertim.de

SirShao February 2018

The legendary footmaster SirShao
is back with a set of exclusive photos,
showing his huge feet and muscles,
715 photos and 22 videos you can find
only on my website. SirShao is now in London to meet real slaves,
and he will be in Germany in Spring 2018.
More on

German MuscleGod Jaden new video

Happy New Year to you all!!!

The 23 yo German Musclstud GodJaden is back

with an 8 minute video showing his size EU46 feet

and flexing muscles, 150 photos and his contact infos

on http://www.mastertim.de

Der #deutschemaster ProllMaster update

Der #deutschemaster and FootKing #Prollmaster
is back with new photos,
now 1548 photos of his #malefeet on my website
even with slaves and hot videos, 21 videos as well
check out all his stuff on



Master Caramel Trampling video+more

Your Top 1 #footking from the #footkingspoll MasterCaramel is back with new stuff.

This MuscleStud was recently in Dubai and London to humilate his slaves.

Just added 45 fresh photos, some even with slave,

now 863 photos of this #alphamale online on my website

As always only on: